We're going to have kiwifruit for this first time this year! We planted it about four years ago, but it's never flowered before 😃

@aran what do you think held back the planting? An issue with the soil?

At least now it looks like you've really got growing!

@GwenfarsGarden I think probably mostly about figuring out what works best in our area, but definitely the soil was very acidic and compacted and has slowly been improving. We had a truckload of manure brought in and got running water happening which both helped a lot too.

@aran oh acid soil, yeh that can make growing v difficult & it's hard work improving it. But you must have done well given your recent harvests. I have acid clay, so have built raised beds and added lots of compost & manure & grow the veg in that.

@GwenfarsGarden Our soil is very clay here too, we have a lot of braken which is a good indicator of an acid environment. We've found raised beds to be good here too and mix in limestone to compensate for the acidity.

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