What is this curve we're trying to flatten? The only curve I see is from an exponential increase in the number of tests!

And this seems to be actively being hidden by the focus only being on the absolute numbers of confirmed positives, which is of course meaningless without knowing how many tests that number is related to!

We're all used to organisations showing us bullshit statistics, so why are we falling for it so hard in this case?


I made a page that graphs the confirmed positives as a percentage of total tests which is more informative than just seeing contextless positives.

@aran Very good idea! You forgot Spain though, one of the countries hardest hit. Or maybe there was not enough data available?

@guyjames thanks! but naa its not forgotten, it's just that my parser has some problems I have to check out at some point! The data is scraped from a wikipedia page, but their table format has some edge cases, like the columns changing every few weeks 😃

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