Keybase just sold out, they've been acquired by zoom! I was one of the first users, but I'll be deleting my account today 😩


Lesson learned? Even Libre software can fool you into joining a walled garden. Only networks formed from open protocols such as the and are truly .

I always check #FDroid. If something is not there, that's probably bad news. As in the case at hand:

Besides: a) is the server code open source at all? b) it's plain obvious that the whole point of the site was to cross link “social media” accounts. This was as “free” as #GitHub.

@aran That's what some would call the difference between open-source software and truly libre software (keybase being just open-source by that distinction)

@Naughtylus I think there's still another layer, no matter open and freely accessible the code is, if it's a network that's not built on an open standard then it's still a form of walled garden because you're dependent on that specific program. Tox or Scuttlebutt are good examples of what I mean, they have their own specific protocols that nothing else uses.

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