Got working great! Using Prosody on the server and Gajim for the client side. All SSL connections, and OMEMO for both individual and chat rooms. Inline images, code blocks with syntax highlighting and offline messages forwarded to email! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Thrown my Keybase account in the bin along with Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Gone back to for my group messaging now.

I made a page that graphs the confirmed positives as a percentage of total tests which is more informative than just seeing contextless positives.

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Just saw my old alarm clock on a Japanese action that I had for years as a teenager! 😃

My Dad just asked my why Libre Office changed the save icon to a down arrow, I showed him this pic to explain 😂

In New Zealand there’s a protocol of putting teddy bears in the windows to make life more interesting for the kids (we’re allowed to go for walks in our local neighbourhood). We put our teddies in place today, they’re about 45 years old 😄

Police breaking up a picnic at Cheltenham beach (AKL, NZ) this morning 😂

"Fora Bolsonaro" projected onto the building across the road from our place in Porto Alegre!

Moved my code into a self-hosted today! Thanks to @sandyman
for the push I needed to get moving on it, been meaning to do it for ages 😃

New Year's resolution: I'm going to be super responsible and have just one can of beer each night!

Some pics from last year when the Lizard Leelee first met Pudim and wanted to come in and say hello!

Cute little seal came up onto a rock for some sun where we were sitting today in Montevideo 😃

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