@haskal Yeah that's awesome, I've been finding that extremely useful in the past few weeks ๐ŸŽ‰

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currently hhhhh over firefox's copy as curl feature

it copies the WHOLE request as a curl command, headers and post data and all
so you can replicate the exact thing in the terminal

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Virtual Machine in 33 lines of code. A functional language, operating system, distributed social network, version control system, etc. on top of that in 50k lines of code. Seems amazing.


#Distributed #operatingsystem #vm #Urbit #decentralization

@farhan Well it's definitely awesome planting 500 trees, it just seems a bit weird that you can plant trees just by searching for stuff!

@farhan I've "planted" over 500 trees, that's gotta be awesome somehow!

Moved my code into a self-hosted today! Thanks to @sandyman
for the push I needed to get moving on it, been meaning to do it for ages ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

New Year's resolution: I'm going to be super responsible and have just one can of beer each night!

@privacyint Sign our petition to say that we shouldn't have to beg for privacy with petition!

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Strip personhood status from corporations and give it to our rivers, lakes, mountains and forests

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โ€œOnce weapons were manufactured to fight wars. Now wars are manufactured to sell weapons.โ€ Arundhati Roy [999x688]

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Christmas is a conservative plot to make everyone go home to their families and snap back into the immature versions of themselves, calling into question the whole concept of development.

@marlon I love your cute little keyboard - except.... is that a big splatter of blood on the space bar?!

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TFW you've been working on a bug for hours and suddenly...

I have no idea what I did

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A system of Society which depends for its structure on the theory of material rewards and punishments, seems to involve, fundamentally, a general condition of scarcity and discontent.
โ€” Major Douglas

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@cypnk Note also that you can subscribe to youtube users and channels "outside the system" with RSS:

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