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What it takes is #federation. (To quote my other toot:)

There have been some attempts at cooperative, non-profit and/or open-source ridesharing apps (notably in Austin), and some might still be operating. You are right that their challenge is the networks of drivers and riders. There's a trump card that we could play which would actually turn that into a strength against the competitive/for-profit/proprietary apps: #federation! If all the alternatives (globally) federate with each other using something like ActivityPub, small groups in each town could #selforganise to run driver collectives (teaming up to source/maintaining vehicles, insurance, healthcare benefits, etc), and devs could create any number of independent apps to innovate with better feature and UX - and every app would give you access to every driver or rider in the network!

@aral Yeah think how liberating it felt when it happened with SSL certs, it'd be a hundred times better with domain names!

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A vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware, developed by NSO Group, on to phones.

The spyware could be transmitted through a call, even if the call was unanswered.

It is unclear how many phones were targeted.

@liaizon Jeez you guys get such cheap tickets there! We have to pay way more than that just to get to another city here in Brazil 😞

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@roxy Wow that's so cool! I never knew about her and she's had a huge impact on my life! I grew up on Acorn, BBC basic and ARM I & II machine code!

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If y'all don't like transgender people then you'd better stop using your phone

Literally, almost all phones use ARM processors, and guess who designed the instruction set for the original ARM processor?

Sophie Wilson, a transgender lady (see picture)

@cwebber It really depends on how much more security you get for your 3x speed sacrifice.

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@polaris not all insane, it's just that the ones you're looking for are the ones behind the scenes who are doing real stuff with it rather than just talking about it and pushing their latest ICO on to you.

Anyone new to the net would say a similar thing: "why is this whole place just filled with lies trying to push bullshit products and services onto me, I thought the net was a sort of giant free library not a giant trashy magazine!!!"

@keybase You probably won't want to include mine, it's just a single-user instance, I just thought it was something we could do ourselves.

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Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline!

@subdevil @protonmail Of course not, I was referring to email/messaging, but trustless options for a wide variety of applications is available such as voice/video, file sharing, docs/spreadhseet/code collaborating, payments, title transfers, notorisation and many more, and its growing all the time.

@subdevil @protonmail There are many trustless technologies available now, thinking "you have to trust someone somewhere" is old school thinking.

@protonmail But we do rely on the JS your serve, which you do have the power to change, and therefore we do have to trust you on this right?

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