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Wrote a script that will let you download any PDF from the academia dot edu hellsite without logging in. Go hog wild!

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Cursed Pyotr Croptopkin with abs and midrift showing 

Been setting up a Banana Pi to replace my Raspberry Pi to receive our files using scp, and as a .

Installed Armbian Buster, an excellent OS project supporting over 300 boards, and has an awesome setup tool including hotspot config.

Couple of difficulties along the way, their "headless" OS needs tweaking to actually be headless cuz by default you need to enter a new password on first boot before even ssh access is possible! Needs an ext antenna too.

Learn how to your own , and what devices best support self-fixing!

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.oO I wonder how long will it take for the free software supporters (there are some!) who've just destroyed RMS's life to realize what they've just done and experience in regret and remorse one thousandth the pain they've just inflicted on my dear friend
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#DareToCare and dare to repair your electronics 🙌📲 gave Fairphone 3 a 10/10 repairability score, making this model - besides the Fairphone 2 - the only phone worldwide to receive this high score.

Read more about this➡️

Turn any spare server such as a Raspberry Pi into a in seconds with create_ap!

@Naughtylus I just set up a hotspot on a Raspberry Pi and noticed that my procedure was out of date and the create_ap software is way better now 😃

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The RMS resignation was inevitable and right, but at the same time very sad.

Things can be right and sad at the same time. We can feel empathy while knowing this was necessary.

For people celebrating, we understand why. For those feeling sad about it, it's okay to feel sad too, but we all knew it had to happen.

#RMS #Stallman #FSF

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>being forced to resign from your job for having opinions about completely irrelevant topic

CEO of NameCheap tweeted that NameCheap is researching options to accept Bitcoin without Bitpay.

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This witch hunt against truth-tellers must end! #FreeAssange #FreeChelsea

- End The #wikileaks Grand Jury
- Immediate release of #xychelsea
- Immediate stop of any plans to extradite #Assange to the #US

Stand in #Solidarity.

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Default DNS over HTTPS (#DoH) in #Firefox is admirable, tunneling DNS through #Cloudflare is dangerous, as @ungleich sharply summarizes: "whether you trust Cloudflare or not, you'll end up directly supporting centralisation by using DoH in Firefox. Centralisation makes us depend on one big player, which results in less choices and fewer innovation. Centralisation affects everybody by creating a dangerous power and resource imbalance between the center and the rest" -

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US National Security Advisor John Bolton resigns at Trump's request

National Security Advisor John Bolton, one of the most prominent war hawks in Donald Trump’s administration, has handed in his resignation, the US president has announced. Read Full Article at

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I'm so excited to present my work on #Fediverse-wide hashtag federation, search, and subscription at #ActivityPubConf.

The recording will be available later, but if you're interested in enabling a global consistent view on hashtags, know stuff about DHTs or #ActivityPub relays, you can have a look at the paper:

Please contact me about any questions, remarks or other feedback!

So here's a TL;DR:

@vrsmd Here's an example of a gImageReader (a Tesseract-based linux one) and a pay service. gImage reader's result has not been able to get the layout sized and positioned correctly and the text is not continuous and selectable. It's not able to match the serif and san-serif sections or any of the bold/italics in the content like the pay one has.

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