@strypey @richdecibels actually it was a bit of a crappy joke that I feel bad for saying because the poor people collecting the fish don't have helicopters and don't realise that all those fish are an indication of a tidle wave coming 😞

@richdecibels that's the best time because we can all fill up our buckets with fish flapping round on the sand!

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Oh, this is super neat!

Onionize is a #docker container that automatically exposes other selected Docker containers as onion services:


@raucao Germany's numbers are a lot more reliable than most countries though because they've tested over a million people including many with no symptoms which although not random sampling is at least moving in that direction.

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@aran I agree, but some are pretty good. Calendar for example is great, contacts is fantastic. Tasks works great. We at DT using it daily

@Decentralize_today I really love NextCloud and have been using it for years. In my experience, I've found it to be awesome at its primary role of dropbox alternative. But all the hundreds of add-on apps it has are really not yet developed to a usable level, they feel more like indications of its future potential to me.

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All interactive #programming courses on Execute Program are free for the month of April. Learn you some TypeScript, modern JavaScript, Regular Expressions, or even good ole SQL:


@joelizlar jitsi.org and bigbluebutton.org are two other great FOSS alternatives. No more excuses for continuing to be spied on! 🎉

@don what is this implying tho? that there's nothing really going on in Italy? that they're too lazy to find a picture of an italian hospital?

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"Opening up even small parts of the chipmaking process is anathema to many in the $400 billion industry. But if enough companies commit to an #OpenSource approach, that could create a shared pool of knowledge that may be hard for #Intel and #Arm to keep up with."
- #IanKing

Go #RiskV!

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"#Greenlight is a simple front-end for your #BigBlueButton open-source web conferencing server. You can create your own rooms to host sessions, or join others using a short and convenient link."

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Have you heard about gup.pe? I haven't seen a lot of posts about it, but it's this cool thing where you can create an account based on a subject, and it will boost all posts that tag its username in the post.

I am following @plants to see all the pretty spring stuff. If you post any flowers, plants, trees, etc. tag it! If you want to see those posts, follow it. It's the closest thing to being able to follow a hashtag, so it'd be awesome if the groups get more use.

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Twitter REMOVES posts by Brazil’s Bolsonaro in crackdown on information that may increase risk of Covid-19 spread

In an unprecedented move, Twitter has yanked two posts by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in which he takes aim at coronavirus lockdowns as part of his controversial campaign to avoid the shutdown of the economy. Read Full Article at RT.com


@taoeffect someone stole it in the night and did donuts at low tide then left it there, got some photos in the morning on first day of lock down - made this pic too 😂

@taoeffect Yeah police broke up a picnic here in Auckland too, a family just drove down to the beach to chill out for a bit... jeez what's the problem officer?!

"I’ve received some important information relating to what’s going on in Gold markets. Today, some banks failed to deliver physical in the comex bar EFP. As a result, these banks suffered large losses which will soon be announced. They’ve also decided to exit the comex market." - Roy Sebag (founder of )


Police breaking up a picnic at Cheltenham beach (AKL, NZ) this morning 😂

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