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Allow me to recommend the dedrm plugin for Calibre. This allows you to use your legal access to strip DRM from any ebook you own. You can then keep your Microsoft Store-bought ebooks. (But do it before the Store goes away!)

Facebook is asking some new users to provide the password to their email account.

"This is basically indistinguishable from a phishing attack," says EFF’s Bennett Cyphers.

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TNB’s business model is to keep ALL of its deposits at the Fed and share a portion of the 2.4% interest with its customers. Safe. Simple. And even better than the original goldsmith banks.

You’d think the Federal Reserve would be jumping for joy. Finally! A bank that doesn’t risk its customers’ deposits. No more bailouts, no more financial crisis.

But you would be wrong. The Fed wants no part of this and has rejected TNB’s proposal.

Friendica has just been updated to version 2019.03

If you haven't tried Friendica lately, this might be a good time to take a look.

Some places to sign up:

It's the Fediverse's Facebook alternative, with a similar interface and features (photo galleries, events, groups etc).

You can follow people on ActivityPub (Mastodon etc.) and RSS feeds too.

You can also use it through the the Fedilab app (@tom79).


There's a new episode of @librelounge where we sit down with @joeyh and chat about Secure Scuttlebutt and HOLY DANG it's an awesome episode. Highly recommended listening ESPECIALLY if you're interested in thinking about how to evolve the fediverse to interop more with p2p systems!

This episode of Libre Lounge comes from Libre Planet where @joeyh sits down with @cwebber and @emacsen for a conversation about Secure Scuttlebutt, a security conscious offline social network.

As I said in my #OpenLetter to #ActionStation:

"Arguably, it is as a consequence of the erosion of civil liberties in democratic countries since 9/11 that we have seen the rise of toxic enthno-nationalism and its associated violence, not as a result of too much of the wrong kinds of speech."

Nor as a lack of always-on mass surveillance of the whole population. Anyone who wants that is welcome to move to China, they always need more English teachers ...

As I expected, politicians are already trying to cynically exploit the Christchurch mosque shootings to give NZ spy agencies even more intrusive powers, further eroding the civil rights of 100% of kiwis who didn't shoot up a mosque:

"Already, the National Party is calling for it. Leader Simon Bridges told Morning Report that the agencies were operating with both hands tied behind their backs."

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

Surfing tragedy: Brazilian champion killed after lightning strikes water
Brazilian surfer Ceará Luzimara Souza, 23, has died after lightning struck the water where she was training in Fortaleza, also injuring a 17-year-old surfer who remains in critical condition. Read Full Article at

Today, it was announced that one of Japan's large Mastodon servers,, will be shut down after a month.

There have been changes to operators on large servers so far, but it is the first time for large servers to be shut down, and attention is being paid to what effect this may have.

Japan's mastodon user's timeline is temporarily bustling with this topic.

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The latest Blender open movie project is finally done! Spring is here and it's epic. People loved it. Outstanding job ♥

Soon online. Stay tuned for the announcement very soon! #b3d #SpringOpenMovie

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