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Israel has 80-90 nukes, SIPRI report says, as Tel Aviv continues to accuse Iran of nuclear obsession

Israel, which routinely accuses Iran of trying to obtain nuclear weapons and pledges to use force to stop Tehran, maintains its own undeclared nuclear arsenal estimated at 80 to 90, according to the latest report by SIPRI. Read Full Article at

They're also trying to make it illegal to expose war crimes, corruption in government, or do journalism whatsoever, further destroying the 1st amendment in the US.

A neofeudal plutocracy shrouded in an illusion of democracy, law, liberty, justice, and equality in the US, that has always been the case. The facade grows more paper-thin every day, and this case could fully shred it.

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What it takes is #federation. (To quote my other toot:)

There have been some attempts at cooperative, non-profit and/or open-source ridesharing apps (notably in Austin), and some might still be operating. You are right that their challenge is the networks of drivers and riders. There's a trump card that we could play which would actually turn that into a strength against the competitive/for-profit/proprietary apps: #federation! If all the alternatives (globally) federate with each other using something like ActivityPub, small groups in each town could #selforganise to run driver collectives (teaming up to source/maintaining vehicles, insurance, healthcare benefits, etc), and devs could create any number of independent apps to innovate with better feature and UX - and every app would give you access to every driver or rider in the network!

A vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware, developed by NSO Group, on to phones.

The spyware could be transmitted through a call, even if the call was unanswered.

It is unclear how many phones were targeted.

If y'all don't like transgender people then you'd better stop using your phone

Literally, almost all phones use ARM processors, and guess who designed the instruction set for the original ARM processor?

Sophie Wilson, a transgender lady (see picture)

Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline!

Bad news about #Article13, the copyright directive (which includes Art 13) has passed the council of ministers.

Interesting footnote: if the UK gov had simply abstained (or voted against), the directive would not have passed. Britain represents enough population to form a blocking minority.

However, the British government voted in favour.

The law can still be stopped in the European courts (which is what happened to the data retention directive), but this is much messier and more difficult.

Desenvolvedor e Defensor de Direitos Digitais é Preso no Equador
Ola Bini, um desenvolvedor de software livre e ativista pelos direitos digitais e a privacidade foi detido no Equador.

Sua detenção está sendo justificada pela policia pelo fato de ele "viajar muito e ler livros técnicos", dentre esses livro
#criptografia #Equador #freeolabini #noticias #olabini #tecnologia

#Jami (formerly #Ring and still a #GNU package) is a #P2P chat app, but up until recently the project has maintained a centralized service for associating human-readable usernames with the unique hash codes the app uses as addresses. That service uses #SmartConstracts on the #Ethereum #blockchain, and they've recently modified it to allow other operators to run nodes, so the name service can be distributed too. Great stuff!

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